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Son's initiation on trout fishing

BallaCoiPersiciBallaCoiPersici NW Italy (Laveno Mombello)Posts: 5,510 Admiral
At 9 yo he can start.
The only problem were the fishing boots (no little numbers in the cheap tackle) but we used the wife's boots with three pair of sockets :grin.
Very easy river (not a hotspot but very good for practice) and he had his initiation.

He wears his mom's boots with a certain style :grin.

Also the fishing style isn't bad.

(I don't know why I can't embed the video :shrug)

And his first wild trout, not a big fish but the first is still the first :applause.

The only problem is that from now for me escaping in river to find my peace won't be easy :grin.
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