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CR Snookin'

With Art shows over till fall, I can concentrate on various projects needing done around the house, but more importantly FISHIN'!! Had 3 short trips with similar results.
4/23- Went out for a very short quest to try to catch a Snook that kicked my butt twice, straightening a big treble hook and shaking off another time. But he did not learn and third time was a charm for me, although this was probably the craziest fish I've ever caught. 34"
4/28- Went out with my wife in the afternoon to catch the falling tide. We worked pretty hard for not that many bites, but I got 28" & 32" Snook and Maureen lost a monstr Jack after a 10min battle.
4/30 Went out this morning by myself to one of my favorite places and worked hard for a 27" Snook, some Jacks and a nice Mangrove Snapper. Then went to an area I have never fished before. Wind was up and water was crazy, but I hooked another Snook that was on Steroids. Jumped 6 times and resisted going into my undersize net. A real 34" fatty! Can't wait to go back there in calmer conditions!
Added bonuses were the family of Otters we saw frolicking up close, Bald Eagles sitting on bars and a great Dolphin show! All fish released to brighten someone's day in the future. Conserve our Snook.


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