SLOB yellowfin tuna off Key Biscayne

Caught a slob yellowfin on the kite (4/27). My first big yellowfin tuna, it ate a gog on the right long in 140'. Balckfin tuna have been biting well, everyone's getting em in the 20# range. Find the pilchards and chum em up. Caught some snappers, tilefish and sails too. The tuna took us straight offshore and well into the backing. After an hour or so we got him to the surface, but the fish still wasn't done. I took a harpoon shot off the bow at 4 knots with the fish still paddling 8' under water and put the dart right behind his head into it's left shoulder. I thought i missed at first and there was a moment of silence as the fish pinwheeled under the boat and out of sight. It pinwheeled out from under the boat midship with the harpoon in it's side. The charter let out cheers as I breathed a sigh of relief. This one was coming in the boat. Impressive catch for a Penn VS 16, 20# mono and a 40# leader!!! That's the 4th big tuna I've hooked this year, but finally got this one to the dock. Catch em up!



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