Monster Sword from islamorada. 4/25

I do not post much here due to all the critics but just had to share this with you guys.Well as the title will tell you yes we caught a monster 620lb sword this past Saturday out of Islamorada,fl.
Headed out to the grounds right at sun up, saw tons of weeds and life but no dolphin.Which didn't bother us much, cause we had swordfish on our minds.Well got to the spot and figured out the drift, Once that was all said and done it was time to put the LP to work. Let the bait out for fished that one spot for about an hour with no bites, So we decided to move, On the second spot went through all the motions and let the bait out, After and hour or so we see the line just peeling out of the reel, That's when all the fun started, the fish luckily did not give us to much of a problem till i unclipped the sinker from the leader,Once we unclipped the sinker the fight was on. we faught the fish for about a good 2 hours, and the whole time we were fighting this one we had another 200-300lb free jumping next to the boat. After a 2 hour fight she got close to the boat and we harpooned her and gaffed her. Then the second battle began trying to fit that monster through the transom door on the contender, After another 30-40 min fight with that we finally got her safe on board!!!!! Here are some pics, hope you enjoy.


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