This Weekend's Seas

I've been tracking the forecasts all week and this weekend (primarily Saturday) looks really hard to tell on whether or not it will be "calm" enough to get out and enjoy some fishing. Showing at least 3s on most sites.... Anybody got any good sea sick inhibitors/remedies? :)


  • Silent snookerSilent snooker Posts: 378 Deckhand
    For seasickness chewing gum helps my girlfriend... As far as seas go the only way to find out how rough it is is by going out. Any weather site can be wrong any given day.
  • cultivatedcoralcultivatedcoral Posts: 104 Deckhand
    You won't be able to get these before the weekend but I told my sister about these and she ordered them. My sister gets sick on a plane before it even takes off. She gets sick on a boat with any little motion.

    She used these to go fishing in the Virgin Islands and didn't even get nauseous. My brother in law started to get sick and put his on and started feeling better within 15 minutes.[URL][/url]
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