Palm Beach Sailfish - 4/26/15

My girlfriend and I headed out of Palm Beach around 815am. With the strong west/southwest wind we set up for a bottom drift in about 70' just north of Breakers. No more than 10 minutes later we had a Sailfish on. He ate a dead sardine pretty low in the water column on a 4/0 circle hook. Not exactly your textbook Sail hookup but my girlfriend battled it for 30 minutes and landed her first Sailfish. Took a couple of quick pictures since it was her first one and then revived it back into the sea to fight another day. Was surprised how much energy the fish had when being revived as it swam away quickly. Always good to see! We also had a 15# Kingfish hit a freelined ballyhoo in about 90'. The bite was definitely on early but shut off around 11am. By that time the wind was really blowing so we headed in. All the action seemed to be in the 70'-100' range. Flying fish were literally everywhere and being chased by predators all over the place. Water was pretty clear but obviously pretty choppy with the 20mph breeze. Current was moving pretty good once you got out to +90' but was still pretty slow in tight. Great day on the water and always good to see the smile on your girls face when she catches a good fish!
**Team BlueSteel
**2008 183f Angler 115 HP Yamaha


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