Hillsboro Inlet Report 4/26

We headed out yesterday with Bonita strips and the planer, hoping to troll around and get a few kings. 15 minutes into the troll and we already have a snake king in the boat, so we figured we would have a great day. However, the conditions didn't cooperate with us too well as there were scattered weeds everywhere from 100-200 feet. We picked the lines up and decided to do some jigging on the wrecks where we picked up a nice Bonita and a little blackfin... Not bad but it was pretty slow action so we decided to catch some blue runners and set up a drift just north of the inlet. With a few runners we started our drift and within 10 minutes we get whacked by a big king. We get him in the boat, with only a single treble in his chin. After that we decided to head in and ended up with a nice day.


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