Successful Bahamas Day Trip

On Friday I got a call with an opportunity to cross to the Bahamas to target Yellowfins with a friend of a friend. After my trip two weeks ago where we saw them but didn't hook up I knew I had to go back over and redeem myself. All that was left was to ask my wife if I really wanted to go. ;-)

I wrote up the most of this trip but then somehow I clicked on the screen and ended up on Cabelas' website and it deleted my many paragraphs of writing so now you just get photos. The net of it was that two of us went across and had a great time catching some Yellowfins despite a bunch of issues we needed to get through to make it happen.

Waiting for tuna time:

My first Yellowfin jumps out of my hand:

A bigger one:

Some trouble on the way home:



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