Upper Tampa Bay 4/18/15

I took my Grandmother, Mom & son out for a short trip in upper Tampa Bay yesterday, so we had 4 generations on the boat. The plan was to target reds & possibly snook. Luke (my son) ended up putting on a clinic for the rest of us.

He started with a 23.5" redfish. While I was taking pics of that, my rod bent over in the rodholder and I was hooked into a big snook! Unfortunately, she broke me off. Another one bit a little later, and I got her close to the boat. This one looked smaller - possibly a slot fish, but once again my 20# leader broke. This time, just outside the range of the landing net.

Then Luke hooked into one and showed me how to do it. After a few drag burning runs and masterful performance steering her out of the mangroves, he brought a beautiful 37" snook to the boat for a photo!

After that, he had to try for a trout, so we ran to an area that usually holds them. Within 5 minutes, he was hooked up with a 17.5" trout. The old ladies were getting tired, so we headed to the ramp right after he caught it.

Tally for the day:
Great-Grandma Ruth: 0
Grandma Linda: 0
Bryan: two needlefish
Luke: 23.5" redfish, 37" snook and 17.5" trout (plus a needlefish)

Here are the pics:

Grandma, Great-Grandma, and Luke w/ redfish


Big snook

And the trout, to close out the slam


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