Jiged the ande 4/26/15

Well we decided to change things up a bit an steam north top palm beach. Dorian has been talking about the Ande wreck for sometime now, So I figured why not give it a shot. we met at the dock at 6 and started cruising north. on the ride up we came across a big oil barrel or drum with a strobe duct taped on. we checked it out but nothing really going on.

we got to the wreck, first drop in 190 my buddy John gets crushed. turns out to be 2 bonita on one vert jig! in the box they go. after that we saw the fish were mainly holding on the front side of the wreck into the current. (thanx lowrance ) with the current ripping at 3KTs we had one drop before re set. we had numerous hook ups to big ajs I would say prob about 15 or so. I got a nice hit and moved to the back of the boat. I locked her down and horsed this fish in. a nicde I would say 20 maybe 25# aj. We ended the day with 2 bonies a small tuna and 1 landed AJ.

On a day with less current I would imaging the wreck is on fire with the amount of fish holding.



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