FPI Fishing 4/23/15

Left out of FPI around 7am. Headed out and picked up a small weedline in about 80ft of water. Started trolling and picked up our first Schoolie within about 15 minutes. Had a second one on and it came unbuttoned on a beautiful leap. After that, we tried to duplicate our first setup without any luck. Picked up and headed to the the 110ft area where we found a better patch of weeds. Trolling wasn't cutting it here either but the area looked really "fishy". Set up a couple of drifts and had a few schoolies make an apperance. We caught a few of those and released. Finally, a nice bull showed up. Pitched a bait to him on really light tackle. About 20 minutes later we finally got him boat side and pitched a bait to the cow he brought with him. Didn't think that we would have a found a better ending to the day and called it quits around 11am. Headed back in to a rainy looking sky. Water was beautiful though.


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