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Battle Saddle

tango34tango34 Posts: 106 Officer
Currently have a release rocket launcher with the gimbal on the front and it just isn't cutting it for larger fish. We are thinking about upgrading to the battle saddle from either Bluewater or Release. Looking for opinions from people who have actually used one. Pros? Cons?

Was not really sure where to post this, hope it's okay here!

Thanks in advance for any and all replies!
34 Ryco "Tango"


  • SchmidtySchmidty Posts: 6,814 Admiral

    That all wood version(s) is one pretty booger.....

    The site for these ...though handsome...does not offer a whole lot of useful info.

    Does it raise up high enough for someone 6'5"s and quickly lower to accommodate a 5'2" woman?
  • tango34tango34 Posts: 106 Officer
    It does not raise/lower as it's is fixed on a pedestal at a set height. Talking with Bluewater they recommend having the height best for your shortest angler. Sitting in one this does make sense as with a taller person you just gain a better angle to the ground with your legs bent. Now for someone 5' 2" and another 6' 5" I could see a problem but luckily we are all well under 6ft and our shortest angler is 5' 3".

    I'm going to post the same question in another section to see if it will gather some more responses over there, thanks for the reply Schmidty!

    And yes the full teak one is the one we have our eye on, spot on about them being pretty!
    34 Ryco "Tango"
  • SchmidtySchmidty Posts: 6,814 Admiral
    The reason why I asked "Tango" is that it does appear to be a really good idea....

    The "bride" does like to go out and being a short woman....anything that fits me is just too high for her...and anything that fits her is like me sitting on a 50 qt cooler.

    I will be looking for your additional posts with interest......I might just have to tell the "old ball and chain" that it just ain't for her....:grin
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