Push Button Hill Blackfins

I fished on Tuesday with my regular fishing buddy Ernie on Tuesday. We caught few blackfins on the Hill. I reported this to my friend Sean ( 27 foot twin Honda Everglades- Reel Dolfan )and he decided to take day off and go tuna fishing. He invited me to tag along to help a little since he has never caught blackfin before. We left his new house with dock in PSL at daybreak. By the way congrats on your new purchase and enjoy !! It was long but pleasant run thru mangroves until we hit the closed train bridge and had to wait for train to pass. I hope we never get the big choo-choo train approved It will be a nightmare. I signed the petition against it and I hope all the other boat owners as well. We cleared the inlet and went to bullshark for bait. We got some greenees and cigar minnows and 1 Spanish sardine. Then off we went straight to Push Button Hill. There were few other boats there. We fished the south side of the hill. I took out my favorite bft lures and my friend Sean pulled out funny looking yellow June bug lure with treble hooks. I laughed and said you will never get tuna to bite that one. One hour later and 3 bfts were caught on this silly thing. I had to eat my words. I forgot to remember not to say the " never" word. The first was the triple hook up. Off course the yellow bug got hit too with a smaller one. Sean was reeling in the larger fish I reeled in smaller one the June bug. As I tried to flip the fish I hit the side of the boat and bft was release back in the ocean and not in the boat. Kind of bad mistake I should have avoided. That was my fish to take home. It will be bigger next time. After that we had a double and small dolphin at the same time. We started to troll back west and picked up couple more. We continued west to 150 foot line and saw some scattered weeds but no fish , than to 80 foot line and found nothing. we caught all the bfts on the hill by 9:45 am and I guess we should have gone straight home since the conditions looked pretty slim everywhere. From 2 other reports it looks that fishing got very slow maybe to the ever changing winds. Who knows ?? My friend Sean had a great day ckecked off bluefin tuna off his bucket list and he said that blue marlin is the next. Thanks Sean for taking me long, I had great time.

total for the day 6BFT (one lost) and small phin.




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