Haulover King and sail action 04/23/15

Live bait Haulover action...Just north of the inlet around 120'


Some sail action too....


Great day....



  • T-LUV2T-LUV2 Posts: 389 Officer
    That's a cool pic of the sail!! I think the best photo though is you without that Noles hat on!!!! Haha. Nice work bro!!
  • stebfishstebfish Posts: 162 Deckhand
    Great job! Looks like a beautiful day. Flat Lines?
  • 23T23T Posts: 149 Officer
    HAHAHAHA!!! You know it was on the boat though!!!!

    Stebfish...Yes, Flatlines
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Very nice
  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    Great pics!!! Nice job on the fish!!!
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