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Largemouth bass near Jupiter

britbrit Posts: 61 Deckhand
Hi guys I am sat at the airport in London waiting to fly to Miami, so obviously my thoughts turn to fishing...

I will be fishing down in then keys and up near Jupiter which I am sure will be great looking at some of the catches on here.

I have just realised that the 1 week visitor saltwater license which I will be buying will expire next Saturday which means I would need to get another license to fish on the Sunday (or go on another party boat).

So I was wondering whether it would be worth getting a freshwater license as I would really love to catch some freshwater bass (and I quite fancy a snakehead although know they are not so popular over there). Is there anywhere not too far from Jupiter where I can throw some lures with the chance of some bass?

On the Monday we will be driving over to Everglade City for an airboat tour before we fly home that evening so it could be that I can fish over that way if that's a better chance of fish.

Thanks in advance.



  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,549 Captain
    For bank hopping you can't beat the Tamiami Trail starting about 1.5 miles West of Krome Avenue where it crosses the trail. There is 70 miles of canal, some of accessible from both sides of the rode. If you start early at sunrise its spectacular color with the sunrise and of course there's a good bite then too.

    If this interests you, PM me and I can give some very specific info. There are airboat rides along the trail and Clyde Butchers place should not be missed.

    The casino at 41 and Krome is not a bad place to stay and they have shuttles to everywhere.

    I know this is a two hour drive from Jupiter, but well worth it my opinion. On the Trail you'll be in some of the most prime Bass fishing in the country. Probably the best for bank hopping.

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  • britbrit Posts: 61 Deckhand
    Thanks very much - I don't mind driving a couple of hours. I'm sat waiting to take off now but will PM you soon from the hotel with a beer!

  • saltyseniorsaltysenior Posts: 868 Officer
    any golf course in the jupiter area offers great bass fishing........the more private , the better.
  • britbrit Posts: 61 Deckhand
    The only fishing of golf courses I have seen was the Duck Dynasty lot catching frogs at night lol! I assume I would need permission to fish on a golf course?
  • JettyparkJettypark Posts: 1,969 Captain
    No permission needed... because they won't let you and if they see you> they will call the cops on you...
    The first rule to "Golf pond fishing" is never ever talk about it....."NEVER"... LOL...wait till dark and all the lights
    have been turn off and everybody has left... then go fish... and its all about ninja fishing... try to use the least amount of light
    as possible... because the home owners around the course will also call the cops.... Oh and that's just the tip of the iceberg... don't
    forget about all the biting bugs... Gators and snakes... :grin

    Golf pond fishing is great but there is a price to paid> I do it almost every week and love it now...but like
    I said if you can live with Cops being call on you/ bugs/snakes and gators then you can do it... :willy-nilly

    and if you think about that last statement... that almost like fishing anywhere from shore when it comes to fishing
    good spots here in Florida.... if you had your ninja training then this will be a cake walk for you...:cool:
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  • brianbbrianb Posts: 2,410 Captain
    Good info on the trail thanks. Any association/community lake will have bass too. So the answer is yes. You honestly can't go 5 miles without finding a lake with bass in it. I was going to say 1 mile, but didn't want to exaggerate, although that may be accurate as well. lol
  • britbrit Posts: 61 Deckhand
    Ok so I am now in Miami beach....completely exhausted from the travel but showered and going out for dinner.

    I don't fancy being chased by a gator or the cops so I will probably give the golf courses a miss.

    I'll be back with more questions in the morning when I can write more coherently.
  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,549 Captain
    Moon set on the trail.
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