Collage degree for working as a fwc officer

remington742userremington742user Posts: 51 Deckhand
Hi i was wondering out of those who are fwc officers if getting a 2 year college degree in criminal justice would be a good idea for someone aspiring to become one or is it unnecessary thanks
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  • mikevmikev Posts: 10,822 AG
    I can't speak specifically to this, but I do have a co-worker that has a nephew that is going into this field (but in Iowa). He made it sound like it's a very good idea to have a B.S. to do this. A M.S. no so much.
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  • mastercastermastercaster Posts: 1,259 Officer
    You should just get the degree for spelling if for no other reason.

    Seriously though, a degree will usually move you up in pay grades.
  • Westwall01Westwall01 Posts: 5,335 Admiral
    I'm not an FWC officer but I am a marine enforcement officer for one of our S.O.'s. The degree is not necessary, but can in fact help you get hired over others that do not possess that level of education. Also as mastercaster stated, it can assist you in either making rank or in obtaining specialty positions within your chosen agency.
  • 9ball9ball Posts: 689 Officer
    The State of Florida also gives incentive money for LEO's with degrees. Associates will give you $40 a month, bachelors will give you $80 per month. Some specialty schools will add money through your career maximizing at $130 per month. It is not much but it is something. In my opinion, you will serve yourself better if you concentrate on law/legal classes. Before I went into LE I got a bachelors in CJ with a minor in legal studies. The legal classes that I took were much more beneficial and applicable to my career. In general, a degree will make you more marketable, regardless of what the degree is in.
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  • Kids Ate My BaitKids Ate My Bait Posts: 1,038 Officer
    With the way society is nowadays, a Psych degree wouldn't hurt either.
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