little late 4/18 jupiter report

Got out the earliest I have this year and was able to cast net like 8 greenies west of the bridge. Head out as the sun rises and within. 5 mins of putting baits out something screams a bunch of line off the rod with a naked bally on it. Soon after that though it was gone and so was the bally.

So we troll around for a couple more hours and nothing. So we run in just ESE of the inlet in 70-80 feet to see whats happening on the bottom. Neither us nor the other boats that were around us were getting anything and they moved after stupid scuba divers anchored about 100 yds away from them directly in the path of their drift.

After that we heard over the radio that the bottom bite was better out a little deeper. Our plan was to troll out to the 125' ish area where everyone was. And thats when it happened. Maybe 1/4 mile west of the group we wanted to be near my buddy says " go south of those boats." sure. I make the turn and about 10 seconds later my okuma 50w with a deep diver lure on it screams louder than I've ever heard it scream and the rod is bent more than I've ever seen.

It's something long, fast and silver, swam towards us a lot and we found out why once it got close enough to identify that it was a 50ish lb king. It was being chased by 12-15+ft shark. A new level of panic had set in.

After an escaping run from the shark and two gaff attempts we got it in the boat. I'm going to edit up the video but pics first


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