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how far from Fenandina to find beeliners and maihi?

leftylefty Posts: 87 Greenhorn
I have a 2002 21.5 Aquasport walkaround with 200 ox. Have been going out of Fernandina for about 6 years now . The Amberjack hole is about as far as we have been so far. Mostly the wife and i and we ok, but , keep wanting to troll for some mahi and catch some decent beeliners maybe on bottom. I have keep it that close to try and avoid any bad weather so as not to lose my fishing partner. Was just curious if anyone could tell me how much further out we would have to go to find the beeliners and mahi out of Fernandina Beach? thanks for any advice ,greg.


  • 100days100days Posts: 150 Deckhand
    TW BR are possible for nice bees,mahi will be getting that close soon too.
  • T-DaddyT-Daddy Posts: 213 Deckhand
    Vermillion are all over the typical spots out there, AH, BR, HH, and the rest, but my best luck with them is typically farther out/deeper, Elton Bottom is my favorite. It is a large area. The real trick is finding natural live bottom and ledges that are not marked on any map. There are thousands out there, it just takes time to find them (or some really good friends willing to share). In my experience the Mahi are out near the stream (50+/- miles), or possibly closer in if there is a warm water spin off from the stream. I have never caught Mahi very close in, but the last few summers/fall we have been seeing flying fish in really close, like AH/BR/HH. Mahi should start picking up about now. On a calm day a 21 footer is probably ok, but probably wise to have a partner boat along with you.
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