Fun day in the water

Went fishing this past Saturday out of CRB and managed to catch a few snook and miss a few as well! Started working a pass and pulled out 2 snook to start the morning. I was happy, but my buddies rods remained unbent. So off to another pass and we have some lines out and my friends starts ripping drag. Good fish is on...but not for long. It made a big surface boil and after that the hook pulled. We guessed it was a good size Red, or to make my friend feel better we'll just say it was a stingray :rotflmao After a lull in action we ventured back into the mangroves a little further. We decide to ditch the boat and do some wade fishing. I pitch a pilchard up against the first tree root and it gets hammered. Nothing like a snook hitting just a rod's length away! This tactic yielded us about 8 snook, with a few of them getting the best of us. My buddy got one big one that put on an aerial show before spitting the hook and I had one almost take the rod out of my hand before he got the best of my leader.. Overall it was tons of fun wading around and being able to catch some fish at rods length. Next time I am definitely bringing my dive boots though..feet would be much happier.

Final tally:

Travis - 6 Snook, 1 ladyfish
Chuck - 2 Snook, 1 ladyfish
Matt - 1 Snook, 1 ladyfish


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