Fort pierce report. 4/17 4/18 4/19

Friday morning we cleared the inlet around 7:00 am and we headed to get bait on the buoy. About 9 miles into the trip port side motor dies. Decided to keep pushing on. Made it the buoy and got some large blue runners. Tried to fire the motor back up and it did so we started making way towards the fishing grounds. Started trolling around 90 feet water was super clean. There was fliers and birds everywhere. The conditions looked great. Trolled for about 7 hours and all the way to about 600 feet with out a strike. Motor died around 30 miles out so decided to start making our way back without action all day. Got back to the dock and replaced the thermostats in port side motor thinking it was a cooling issue.

Saturday cleared the inlet around 7:30 motor ran good all morning without missing a beat.(had already got live bait)so the plan was to live bait some blue runners, did that for about hour and half on multiple of our marks. Did not get a bite all morning. So on the troll we went in abut 95 feet shotgun gets nailed and sailfish on. Got him to the boat and got a clean release. Trolled to 400 feet and found a decent weedline.picked up a 12 pound phin.Nothing else for about two hours we worked the defined parts of the weedline. we through everything we had at them and didn't hook up. Even through live bait under each large mat and nothing was home. Around 2:00 pm port side motor died we pressed on for bit longer, but nothing else to show for it.we trolled with one motor for about an hour to let it we could have it for the ride back packed it in for the day an headed back home. Motor died about 3 more times.

Sunday fished tell about 2:00pm with out a bite. Even through out the high speed gear for some hoo's but nothing even sniffed the spread. the seas started to build and started to with one and a half motors we headed home.what a slow weekend of fishing.Is it just me or is the mahi bite kind slow.......


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