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Looking for a shop to repower me!

JwattJwatt Posts: 101 Officer
1983 17' pro line CC. Had a '86 yamaha 70 that dropped a cylinder on me a few weeks ago. Got a quote to rebuild at $2300. I'm thinking for a little more than that I can repower to a newer motor with a little more power. Any reputable shops in central Fl that would finance a used repower for a yamaha 90-115. I say finance because I'm also considering an I-pilot minn Kota and would like to roll them into one payment if possible. Looking to stay around 5-6k for everything if possible.

Who would u reccomend? I put this in general as I'm the same distance from west. Entrap as I am east central and don't really care which direction I go for this project. Thanks


  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 5,101 Moderator
    When you finance a repoweer, you are in reality, refinancing the boat, not the motor, and I doubt you will find anyone other than a loanshark willing to refinance a 30 year old hull. Best bet would be a home equity loan
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