CK 4/12 & 4/18 Heating Up!

Note to self: don't count on baitshops in CK to have bait on Sundays. With that said, nobody on the island had live shrimp which hurt our plan for Spanish Mackerel, yet we still went out in search of Spanish, Kings, and Grouper. Stopped by Seahorse Reef first using cut bait, chum, squid, and plugs with not much luck. We managed to get one trolling spoons on our way leaving the reef. We headed for one of our grouper spots in 25ft of water just looking for some action. Within five minutes of putting the stretches out trolling, we were already hooked up on two nice gags. We messed around with them for the next hour and caught a couple big ones with one pushing 12-15lbs. We then changed it up a bit by bringing in one of the stretches and changing it out for a spoon. The spoon hadn't even been out for a minute before it got smashed by a small king. Unfortunately we lost him boatside trying to net him. The next 30 minutes we picked up a few stray Spanish on the spoon then it was time to head home. All in all it was a pretty good day considering we had to change our plans after getting no live shrimp. Made a pretty aesome video with some good footage from the day. Please check it out along with our channel! We are trying to get our stuff out there and give you guys good reports!

With Saturday being the best weather for the weekend we decided to plan on heading out to the reef and see what's out there. With live shrimp this time we were confident that we were in for a good day. First we headed out to some grouper numbers to try to troll up some grouper/kingfish while the tide wasn't quite good enough yet for the reef. After we reached our third number a 5-10lb king smashed our bait on top and after a short fight we got him in. With that being the only real action, it was almost mid-day so we decided it was time for the reef. Within minutes of throwing the chum bag in, the Spanish were surrounding our boat. We must have lost 10 fish in the first 5 minutes to pulled hooks, cut offs, and just straight up not paying enough attention. After we stopped messing around we boated about 10 Spanish in a matter of 45 minutes. When they sorta slowed down we threw out a blue runner on a flatline looking for a king. Instead we hooked about a 7 foot shark(which we think was a Spinner) because he jumped out of the water 2-3 times. After bent hooks, we put on a new rig and tried to catch him again but this time he devoured the whole bait and bobber and cut through our 50lb braid! After that we called it a day, with lots of action!


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