Dolphin 6/19

My brother-in-law and I went out of Boca around 7:00 and went straight out to 700 feet. We found scattered weeds out to 1000 feet....but no Dolphin. We saw one boat get into a small school of throw backs.

We came back in to 350' and 2 decent Dolphin crash our spread. One hookup and the other one never hit the baits. :R We troll the same area for another 30 minutes and hook up one more. Called it a day at 12.


  • Offshore561Offshore561 Posts: 40 Greenhorn
    Nice job! They don't seem to be around as much as last year or at least not for me.
  • VenturesomeVenturesome Posts: 1,743 Officer
    nice report. congrats....and thanks for sharing.
  • dale4fishindale4fishin Posts: 188 Officer
    thanks for the report...nice job on the fin
  • latitudeajustmentlatitudeajustment Posts: 2,019 Captain
    Nice! It definitely seems slower for the fins for me too! Hope we get a late run as I see they are still hitting baits in the Keys.
  • OdysseasOdysseas Posts: 54 Deckhand
    Good report...thanks. Even if it wasn't a memorable catch each report gives us all some idea of whats happening out there.
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