Bimini April 2015


crossed to bimini early morning Friday April 3 for a two day trip. great crossing.

on our way through biscayne bay north to find jimmy lewis at government cut.

upon arriving, saw a bahamian navy ship docked outside of bimini.

we headed to BBGC to clear and saw a plane at the old chalk's ramp and a boat that had sunk.

after clearing, we ran south to the Dredge/La Draga and did very well on the yellowtails, about half flags. we caught a thick flying fish using fish roe (first time catching a flying fish). cut it in half and down it went and caught the largest AJ i've ever caught. fought it for at least 20 minutes. no other bottom fish worth mentioning.

running back to bimini we saw a beautiful moon rise

had dinner at BBGC. then called it a night.

Day 2 we headed to the gingerbreads and did well on the yellowtails til about noon. then we started looking for birds and other signs of life.

came across a cuban raft and wished the former occupants well. always a sad moment.

later we came across a small log

caught these and other mahis there.

here the video of the largest dolphin.

and then the ride home

always a great time over there.


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