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  • Got TA GoGot TA Go Posts: 2,608 Captain
    markw4321 wrote: »
    Update - The block from my being able to post on the Charter Fisherman's Association (CFA) Facebook page has been removed and I have been invited to post there again. There was initial confusion as to whether or not I was a "real" person with a legitimate Facebook account because my Facebook page is set up for maximum privacy.

    Once I contacted CFA reps via Facebook messaging and explained the situation my posting privileges were restored.

    CFA has me on permablock.

    Seems they don't like their viewers getting the truth.


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  • bay20bay20 Posts: 1,490 Officer
    Will probably be joining you Rob. Voiced my displeasure about them getting the paperwork signed. Tried to carry on a conversation then all of sudden because I disagree with their stance and still think in the end they are going to get in the rearend Scott Hickman calls me a Richard Cranium.
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