Miramar and SW Pines Areas.....

Hey everyone,

Would really love some info of any lakes or canals in the SW Pines and Miramar area that allow walk-up fishing. Been fishing the big lake behind my community for a while and would love to try some new areas. Also, what baits or techniques are best to use this time of year? I have been wanting to try the canal that runs perpendicular to Bass Creek Road but haven't ever seen anyone fishing there so I don't know if it's allowed.



  • PeaPea Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    Do you live in Huntington? I used to live in that area a while back, but back then I was too young to really take advantage of the great fishing in the lakes in the area. If the lake I used to live on back in the day is indicative of the surrounding waters, bass creek should be pretty great as well. I'd also give some of the other residential lakes in the area a try too.
  • ebgatorebgator Posts: 46 Deckhand

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