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Lake rousseau tips please

Gonna try to get on some rousseau bass. Coming from gainesville and trying to decide where to launch.i can launch more east in the river but was wondering what type of water is over there (a lot of grass?? Hazardous boating?) or should I go into the main pool and find some grass Mats? Any particular areas that are can't miss to hit?


  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,422 Officer
    If you find out tell me too.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,164 Moderator
    From Gainesville use the Peaceful acres ramp on hiway 40. That puts you right in the middle of the lake. Idle ONLY until you are inside the channel markers. Be mindful about staying inside them as they make several bends and it can get confusing.

    There is a lot of grass now however they will start spraying everyday over the next month. As far as areas to fish , it all looks good and is.
    The fish are done with the spawn for the most part and are moving away from the shallow stuff. My guess , stumps in 6 to 11 feet or tight under mats. Pretty standard stuff with the warming water.

    Good luck. I'll be over there getting ready for my next tournament.
    "You'll get your weather"
  • BD27BD27 Posts: 1,179 Officer
    Good advice from capt louie .

    I will add . If you are from Texas , you should have no problem catching fish there . They will eat the same baits that they do on Rayburn , Toledo , and Caddo . The lake is a lot smaller then the previous mentioned.

    Let us know how you do
  • a little knotsa little knots Posts: 1,222 Officer
    Great advice Capt .

    would like to add use alot of caution when your out of
    the marker channel !!!!!! Theres more props down there
    that a carrot top show !!! Lol... ( including a few of mine !)
    Great fishery though !! Have fun an post some pics of your
    catch !!
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