CK 3-22 ON FIRE!!!

We launched the boat around 8:30 to head out and see if any Spanish or Kings have showed up yet. Fished hard for them for the first hour or so, NADA. Only blue runners and other unwanted fish, with the water temp reaching 71 but still very poor visibility even 10 miles out. After we failed at catching any mackerel, we ran to the steel tower to see if any sheepshead were around. We fished it for about 30 minutes with no bites, so we decided to pick it up and head to one of our grouper spots in 20-30 ft to see if we could at least catch something. Fishing there for a couple hours we only managed some small sea bass, gags, and grunts. By now the girls had enough so we called it a day for the boat fishing. However we planned to take the jet skis out fishing for the first time, which ended up being a huge success! We fished the flats with incoming/high tide that afternoon with a front coming very soon which definitely increased the trouts' appetite. Fishing for about an hour, we had bites nearly every cast and our jet ski finished with 4 keepers(biggest 19") and the other jet ski with 4 keepers also(biggest 20"). Without a doubt this success turned our mediocre day into excitement!

Here is a link of some pretty awesome footage we got with our GoPros on the trip, my friend is a pretty talented editor when it comes to this stuff. We would greatly appreciate if you guys checked it out and help us get it out there!


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