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Choctawhatchee Bay/PCB Questions

I am headed down to the East End of 30A for a week and bringing the boat starting Saturday. This is our fifth time down for spring break with the boat and the fishing has been hit and miss. I have fished West Bay (draw 12") and caught trout. I have caught sheepshead on PCB pass on the rocks and have landed a few red fish floating shrimp year before last.

Last year I fished almost exclusively out of Point Washington and fished the mouth of the intercostal and all of the channel mouths off of the Choctawhatchee River. I did not have very much luck last year. I fished the 331 bridge and caught a few black drum but that was it. The bridge was under construction at the time, does anyone know if that is still the case? Is it worth it to fish the 293 bridge?

I prefer to launch at Point Washington just because its so close to where we stay but have struggled, Is it worth running north and fishing the Aloqua Point and Hammock Point areas on the north side of the bay?

So if you have read this far a few more questions:

I see guys catching reds off the beach in boats. Are they sightfishing for them? Are there any particular areas to look for? Is it just following the old where the sandbar breaks? Any other fish to look for while staying inshore?

Tides next week are once a day and late in the afternoon after a full moon, should I just be fishing sunup till slack tide?

I have been out looking for Cobia but had not had any luck. I plan to spend at least one day if not two looking out of PCB.

Thanks for any replies in advance and I hope I don't see any of you on the water. :)


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