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Water Clarity??

Kaptan KKaptan K Posts: 90 Deckhand
Went out for a beach dive this morning in Fort Lauderdale after jonesing for over two weeks because of scheduling and weather. The surf has been pretty calm since Sunday night, so I thought conditions would be nice enough. The water clarity was terrible. I doubt the visibility reached 6 feet. I even hopped in the kayak and paddled out probably 1/2 a mile and it was still pretty bad. Is it the heavy rain from last weekend clouding the water? Is anyone familiar enough with local conditions to know when the water clarity will be better and when it won't? I know sometimes it's not possible to predict water clarity, but I know there's got to be some factors that are predictable. I.E. strong current or rough surf means clarity can be bad... are there other conditions that are predictable? Thanks!


  • Capt_GerryCapt_Gerry Posts: 173 Officer
    Depending on the Gulf Stream it takes a week or two in the Stuart area for things to clear up enough to dive. Im not sure with your area but the Gulf Stream is much closer to you so maybe a little less time. I'm going to head out of Saint Lucie Inlet either Thursday or Friday so I'll let you know how things progess this far North.
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  • golflaxfishgolflaxfish Posts: 455 Deckhand
    the bad clarity this weekend was probably a perfect storm of rain and rough surf.. i tried going off of deerfield yesterday and dropped my pole spear in about 3' or water and it took me 10 mins to find it. as an aside, when we go to captiva every summer, the clarity in pine island sound seems to depend solely on rain, the more rain the region gets, the cloudier the water gets. so im going to go ahead and assume that the rain changes the clarity a bit, then the surf kicking up the sand does the hefty damage of making the visibility <5'.. i dont think i answered any of your questions, but hopefully this helped anyway...
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  • Kaptan KKaptan K Posts: 90 Deckhand
    Thank you both for the info. It makes sense, especially if it takes that long for the area to recover from rain. Thanks again
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