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palm coast, never heard of it...

bigyellowtunabigyellowtuna Posts: 250 Deckhand
The wife is tired of Sanibel for our June vacation when kids get out of school and saw an ad for hammock beach resort in palm coast FL. I never heard of it, but it looks nice. Does anyone know if there is surf fishing behind that resort? If yes, what would be the target species in early June? Thank you.


  • BigwaveDaveBigwaveDave Posts: 319 Officer
    YES, Pompano,Whiting,Red and Black drum,flounder. If the big schools of Pogies have made it that far north you will have lots of tarpon shark and even some kings mixed in with the others.
  • bigyellowtunabigyellowtuna Posts: 250 Deckhand
    Thanks. I'll have to bring the gear and give it a try.
  • Lunch Money SurfLunch Money Surf Posts: 1,033 Officer
    Hammock Beach is very nice. Right on the beach, all the amenities, and a Publix if you're staying for a while...

    To the north it is relatively low-population and really killer beaches all the way up to Matanzas inlet. I want to say the inlet is like 15 minutes from Hammock Beach.

    Halfway between the inlet and Hammock Beach is a large park with a boat ramp. There is a BBQ restaurant there. The BBQ is great. Right across the street there is a small ice-cream shop. Go there afterwards. If your kids are young, get them the cookie monster ice cream.
  • frankfrank Posts: 13,292 AG
    while you're there take the family to washington oaks state park to see the beach
  • bigyellowtunabigyellowtuna Posts: 250 Deckhand
    thanks for all the responses. Looking at the map, I'm guessing the park referred to is Hammock Park? And the bbq is Captains BBQ? What is the parking situation at that park….is it open 24 hrs…is there a fee? Also, is this a relatively safe area….or is there crime to be concerned with being on the beach in the wee hours? Thanks again.
  • Lunch Money SurfLunch Money Surf Posts: 1,033 Officer
    Captain's BBQ: YES

    Not sure on park hours or fees. There is also a pay-per-launch bait shop just north of the inlet: Devil's Elbow. Good place with bait and a ramp, opens before daylight.
  • Lunch Money SurfLunch Money Surf Posts: 1,033 Officer
    Also: Be careful of that inlet. It is natural and not maintained. The sandbars get nuts around the bridge. All my on-the-water knowledge is fifteen years old at this point.

    However the inlet is worthwhile to say the least. There is a small Spanish fort there. Matanzas = Slaughter. It is where Menendez slaughtered Ribault's shipwrecked French Huguenots.
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