Walking the beach in Santa Rosa Beach

I'm heading up to Santa Rosa Beach for spring break next week and I'm DYING to get into the pompano and redfish and just trying to get some knowledge from you locals in the panhandle for walking the beach. I know most people like to set up a surf rod and soak a bait but I'm more about seeking out the fish on artificials, I do it down here in Vero Beach for snook during the summer, but is there any tips for I need for doing it up in Destin and Santa Rosa? Such as reading the water, lures, tides and anything else that is deemed slightly helpful! Anything would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys and tight lines


  • GarboGarbo Posts: 1,262 Officer
    Go to YellowFin Ocean Sports just east of Seagrove Beach and talk to Brandon or John.

    Good Stuff.
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    I live on the far east end of Santa Rosa Beach and have done a fair bit of cruising the beach after work. It has been very slow. However, the bait just showed up early this week so I expect it to get better everyday. The weather is gonna turn for chilly over the weekend and likely put the lock jaw on them.

    My advice is to fish the Blue Mountain area right now and west. If you get real desperate catch some ghost shrimp and flip them to the reds cruising the inside bar.
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    I fish St. George Island surf every Spring. Not familiar with Santa Rosa but suspect it has some of the same features as SGI. I look for a hole inside the first bar where the water will be running through draining the waves. The bar will have cuts through it in various places (these can be seen better during low tide) and during high tide more water moves through these cuts and create troughs, or holes. Find these troughs and fish them during incoming tides, first and last light. I have caught pompano, reds, huge black drum, trout, flounder and whiting all from the same trough at times. I generally just chunk shrimp out...very fresh shrimp....not frozen bait shrimp. The pompano like a jig (nylure) tipped with sand flea or shrimp and I actually caught one last year on just power bait and a hook.

    Good Luck!
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