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Tarpon/Snook in Weston?

Hey all,

I've fished Weston's lakes and canals for a while now and mostly come up with largemouth bass, peacocks, cichlids, etc. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience with or seen any snook or tarpon in those lakes in the past? I know they're just north of Weston in the North New River Canal, but I've never seen any in the many lakes that make up the city. It should be possible for some to make their way into the residential lakes and canals, right?


  • TimbaTimba Posts: 225 Deckhand
    They are definately there I know one place where I saw the most tarpon rolling that I ever saw in my life.. snook r in there two. Catching them is different story...
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  • StratosStratos Posts: 149 Officer
    I've heard of Snook in the Weston lakes around Tequesta.
  • PeaPea Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    No kidding? I live right by Tequesta and I've never seen one. Guess I should do more lake hopping, maybe try more live bait? Would I maybe have more luck in the middle/deeper parts of lakes rather than by the shore? Thanks for the replies guys.
  • Manny G.Manny G. Posts: 32 Deckhand
    I've caught my share of Snook in a few lakes in south west Broward, I have caught them trolling lures in deep water. I have also seen many Tarpon in local lakes but have yet to hook into one...
  • PeaPea Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    Nice! I used to live down in Miramar and I would see tarpon rolling plenty often, but I really can't say I've seen any here in Weston. Guess I should keep searching, they must be out there.
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