Little help needed

Heading over to Destin 19-22 with the family. Any info on fishing from the shore or the like is much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,038 Moderator
    I imagine the Pompano bite will be pretty good. Redfish. Bring.a gotcha some blind casting.... Spanish might be.around. Soak a live.bait in.trough... Could luck.up on.a Cobia. Sheepshead if you can find structure near open water by foot.

    Lots of possibilities.

    I'd of rods and tackle, then hit up a for.advice ASAP upon arrival.
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    Stop by Half Hitch in Destin, North side of 98 between Beach and Benning St. They might get you in the right direction.

    Sorry not much more help, don't really beach fish. Water is still chilly and has been rough last few days. Bring a sand flea rake if you have one. Probably best bet for pomps and the kids will do all the work for you gathering them.
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    For catching pomps off the beach try to fish the incoming tides which looks to be running from fist light till noon. Good luck and we'll be looking for a report! :cool:
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