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It was a Fly Sunday

Snookslayer772Snookslayer772 Posts: 170 Officer
I had the chance to bend the fly rods yesterday in both the fresh and saltwater. In the morning, I hit a local pond to sight fish some tilapias on bed (if you haven't done it, it's awesome). Fishing a size 8 minnow I was able to fool a few. With how spooky these fish are around beds, it can be pretty frustrating. I have noticed though, stay as low as possible and keep your shadow to a minimum, I try to hide in a tree's shadow or some type of cover.

Night time rolled around and a buddy and I headed out on the gheenoe for some docklight snook, nothing giant, but a lot of fun. All the snook were caught on the same size 8 minnow I was throwing for the tilapia.


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