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FPL's Smokestacks and Boiler Buildings Fall On Sunday Morning

Saw this article in the Post:
http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/fpl-demolition-a-fast-job-riviera-plants-components-1545596.html Article says that boats will be kept well away from the blast zone. Luckily they will be detonating the charges at 0830 hrs, not 5:30 on the Sunday afternoon..

The red stacks will no longer be an offshore landmark..

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  • GTSRGTSR Posts: 750 Officer
    We will be there!!!! Early morning raftup!!!
  • TriplewrapTriplewrap Posts: 173 Deckhand
    In reading about the demolition, I found that in order to get the DEP permits to demolish the plant and rebuild a more modern facility.. They had to provide the warm water environ that the manatees have come to rely on in the winters.. FP&L will be installing water heaters during the time the plant is not operating.


    I like the cute Manatees, but I think they get a little too much attention..
    I hope the falling smokestack doesn't startle them..

    What next ? Really..
    FS Forum member since February, 2002
    Throwing Money into the Marine Industry since 1981
  • Dirty OarDirty Oar Posts: 148 Officer
    I'm actually gonna miss those old smoke stacks. They always gave me hope as a kid during those bumpy *** sea sicked fishing trips.

    I don't get the manatee craze, they aren't a even native species yet so much time and money is spent to protect them.
  • Offshore561Offshore561 Posts: 40 Greenhorn
    I'm pretty sure they already installed the heaters since the plant was not in operation this past chilly winter. I'm hoping someone on here can confirm this since I heard this second hand from a neighbor while watching the towers fall on Sun from his dock. I kind of miss them too already since they were a great landmark. The article in the palm beach post today said they will be building 3 new towers which will stand 150' ft, but they won't be completed by 2014. Maybe they can get Wyland to paint them- that would be cool ;)
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