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Eastern Coral Snake (Pics)

eorlandoeorlando Posts: 560 Officer
Back at the beginning of the month we had a cool morning and my wife, my 2 kids (5 years old and 14 months), and my 8 year old nephew were playing hide and go seek around the yard. I was in the house and my daughter comes running up to the house yelling snake, snake! I thought for sure it was going to be a red rat snake. To my surprise when I got there it was a coral snake. I ran back into the house to get my snake hook and rubbermaid container to put it in so I could relocate it. When I relocated him at his new home I decided to take a few pics. All pics were taken with the D7100 and 300mm f4 af-s. CC always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking!

16236942346_31f0ae3954_b.jpgDSC_2817 by e_orlando, on Flickr

16077029747_180748bb8e_b.jpgDSC_2839 by e_orlando, on Flickr

16262911695_67f2fffb77_b.jpgDSC_2859 by e_orlando, on Flickr

15643016823_e42561dbc7_b.jpgDSC_2870 by e_orlando, on Flickr

15640504944_5c96a0ffe4_b.jpgDSC_2898 by e_orlando, on Flickr


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