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capteddiecapteddie Posts: 128 Officer
I made it out over the weekend despite the less then ideal conditions. The water was blue and the fish were biting at least. Sunday we headed out in big swells left over from the 9 foot waves the day before. Started out 12 miles out and first rig we went by wahoo joined us in the boat. Only bite there and we headed to a close by rig and added another wahoo on a russellure. That was the pattern from there on out. The most fish we got off any rig was 2 but we got wahoo bites on most of the rigs we got to. Around mid day the guys werent feeling too good so we headed to the house with 7 wahoo to about 85 pounds in the box. Hit the dock right at 1 pm.

Monday was blowing 18-20 knots out the ne so we were gonna try to get some lane snapper but they were not cooperating. In fact we didnt even get one in the boat. So on to plan b which was troll some nearby rigs. The troll bite was off although we did get one blackfin in the boat and lost a 60-70 pound at the boat that was tailwrapped and went ballistic when i tried to gaff them and well he got away lol.

Pulled out the anteater jigs and made quick work on a limit of ajs and one almaco before we headed to the house.

Tuesday was supposed to be a little calmer so we rolled out. The blacks were biting on almost any rig we hit with the troll baits and we also got one wahoo to commit to a bomber.
Started chunking and picking away at 20-30 pound blacks on most every drift. Mid day the yf started biting and we put two in the 40-50 pound range in before we hooked a good one. Made a huge surface run before it settled in. Made another run and that was with a shark on his butt literally. We got most of the fish in the boat and the part we got weighed 115 pounds.

Got some more blacks to top the box off and made a pass by a rig on the way in for wahoo and first pass tripled up with two blacks and what I thought was gonna be another yf cause it went deep on us, but lo and behold a 92 pound wahoo popped up on a purple russellure.


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