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RStyleRStyle Posts: 1,397 Officer
Now in my 60's getting our Hobbie Revolutions on top of the car a major hassle.
Decided to look for trailers.
I live in apt with single car garage and have kayaks hanging from the ceiling.
Saw ads for these folding trailers ( Brand bulldog) which would be perfect because you
could stand it against the garage wall. Somewhat expensive but my wife and I would definitely use the Kayaks
more often

Can't find any reviews or anything else other than their website. Does anyone own one that could tell
me if worth it? Any issues?

Malone makes a nice non folding one but it would mean trailer or car in the garage.
Dropping kayaks from ceiling straight on roof rack does not work because garage door too low. ( Malone racks with kayaks at an angle)


  • drod13drod13 Posts: 259 Officer
    Might be a cheaper alternative? Hope it helps...
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  • Lt.FireDogLt.FireDog Posts: 1,112 Officer
    Very high-end aluminum trailer, but you get what you pay for...Yakima Rack-n-Roll. http://ya.factoryoutletstore.com/details/53403-102187/yakima-rack-and-roll-66.html

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    Have no input on trailers as I don't own one. With space being limited this may be an option. http://www.oakorchardcanoe.com/suvroller.php
    Good luck
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  • davederbdavederb Posts: 887 Officer
    x2 for the Yakima Rack-n-Roll! I own one and cruise my PA12 around quite nicely on it! Very sleek, 70mph on the highway all day long, and lays up on its side and sits about 20" off the wall. Well worth the money, especially if you can buy it used and save tons like I did. Good luck.
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  • RStyleRStyle Posts: 1,397 Officer
    Thanks for The responses.
    The rollers would not be practical because The kayaks on The Malone racks go at a 45 degrees angle instead of flat.
    The Yakima seems like a good choice. It is expensive! I guess the tires being thin not a problem for long rides 50+ miles?
    Trailer does not bounce around? Just curious.
    Is there a limit to the length of the kayaks?
    I think the Bulldog Folding trailer may be several hundred dollars less.
    The harbor freight seems like overkill for two kayaks although it does not take much space
  • Mark O.Mark O. Posts: 3,416 Captain
    Lt.FireDog wrote: »
    Very high-end aluminum trailer,{\
    Holy cow, you aren't kidding! I had a neighbor with one of those...had no idea they cost that much!

    If there is any way you can store a small galvanized trailer on your property...having it ready to go can mean the difference between going and not going. A small trailer with 4.80 x 12 wheels would be sooo much easier than tying your yaks to the roof. Depending on how high your garage is...I wonder if you could keep the yaks strapped to the trailer, and winch the whole thing up, trailer and all. Just an idea. ...and if you do get a trailer, dont dunk your wheels...no need to get water in your hub and corode your lights.
  • RStyleRStyle Posts: 1,397 Officer
    It is a complex with several buildings. You get a garage and assigned outside parking space. No real "property" space where to leave the trailer. Since it does not take much space I may ask if they have a shed or use the garage of one of the snowbirds while they are gone.
    Will figure out something because getting this yaks on top of the SUV is a pain, particularly when you are in a dirt or muddy ramp area
    and everything gets dirty
  • davederbdavederb Posts: 887 Officer
    Trailer rides flawless on the highway and doesnt bounce at all. Has shocks on it for a smooth ride. I have had my 14 foot Cuda and PA 12 on it. No issues. I actually put PVC bunks on mine for my PA12 and its easy on/off and storage with no hull issues. Again, you get what you pay for. Look for a used one.
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