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Cedar Key Hotspots

I've been doing search on the area and considering spending a few days there and doing some fishing on the kayaks with my lady. I wanted to know some areas to look highly on and and maybe if you know places to set up the tent and be by the water? I'd appreciate the knowledge.

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  • Luv2YakLuv2Yak Posts: 944 Officer
  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,458 AG
    Launch by the airport or beach and hit the island areas finding cuts and good grass.

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  • BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,293 Officer
    I was there one day. We went out around the islands. It was nice walking around on them, but we didn't get any bites. we were more messing around then fishing. The shellpile area and the long bridge coming into town look like they might hold some fish. Avoid shellpile at low tide as even the airboats couldnt launch due to the soft mud. See if you can sneak into the Eagle club as somebodys guest. Its interesting.
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