Dragonfly/Cayo SUP?

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Anyone have any experience w/ either of these companies?


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    Palmbeachpete is your guy. He is the SUP guru as well as an excellent instructor and educator to many of us here on the forum. I am sure he will catch your post but you might want to check out his Youtube channel. There is a ton of good info there.
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    Dragon fly is great SUP designed for the angler in mind. But understand they are not your typical Sup, they are built like a mini skiff with gelcoat. That being said, if you plan on skimming over oyster beds and bumping off rocky shore lines I would suggest another brand.
    As Basstar said Palmbeachpete is guy to ask. Search his threads check out his DragonFly, Very [email protected]!
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    I have a dragonfly here in Fort Pierce if you want to borrow it. The big advantage with the hollow skiff like construction is it allows you to drill and mount whatever you need for fishing. I have an ice chest bolted down. On the back of that is a triple rod holder on the side is a scottys paddle clip. On the front I added a hatch with large bucket and a ram mount for a fishfinder. The Chinnese made SUP's can not be drilled. You cant run cables and wires in the hull. The Dragonfly was designed extra wide and stable and with no hullslap with flats fishing in mind. Both the owner and Jimmy Buffet were involved in the prototypes. Its a fishing Sup from day one and made in the USA.
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    Dragonfly and Cayo SUP's are very similar, both are designed for fishing, and both are very good choices in my opinion. I ended up with the Cayo SUP and absolutely love it. The only thing I can say is that because it is fiberglass you do get scratches easily. The board is very stable, and I think it may be a bit wider than the Dragonfly but they both follow the skiff like mold. If you are interested I have a picture and some videos of my Cayo on my blog site that you can check out: https://paddlefishing.wordpress.com . The wait time for the Cayo is little long. I would go with Cayo again if I bought another, but you probably can't go wrong with either! SUP fishing, especially if sight fishing, is extremely fun!
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