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Salted Whole Snapper on Home Page

ChillyChilly Posts: 534 Officer
This may be an odd question but Ill ask anyway...

On the home page is a picture and story of whole, salted snapper. I am use to cooking whole fish but I always gut and clean out the stomach.

It does not appear that the author did this for this article. Yes, I know people do all kinds of crazy things with fish in other cultures...

I am looking more for someone's personal experience with this cooking of the entire, intact fish as well as experience with covering entirely with salt.

Do you get a odor/taste of the guts escaping into the meat while cooking?

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  • bonephishbonephish Posts: 1,488 Officer
    The recipe calls for "cleaned and scaled" fish...

    Cecelia’s Salt Roasted Vermilion Snapper

    1 ½ boxes kosher salt, divided

    10 dried bay leaves

    Fresh parsley

    1 lemon, sliced

    2 egg whites

    2 whole vermilion snapper, cleaned and scaled (about 1.5 pounds each)

    Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Pour a half-inch layer (or about half) of kosher salt on the bottom of a large heavy pan or skillet. Lay about 6 bay leaves on top of the salt. Place the scaled snapper on top of the salt and stuff with lemon slices, additional bay leaves and parsley. Layer more lemon slices and parsley on top of the fish.

    In a large bowl, mix the remaining salt with the two egg whites. Pile the mixture on top of the fish—totally enclosing the fish.

    Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Then, using a knife or the back of a spoon, crack open the salt covering on top of the fish and remove it gently. Try not to leave too much salt behind—just brush any additional salt off the fish using a pastry brush.

    Enjoy the fish and steer clear of the bones! This is intentionally a communal dish—so dig in! Serves 4.

    First published Florida Sportsman December 2014
  • ChillyChilly Posts: 534 Officer
    Ahh,makes sense. I guess I should read closer. Multitasking leads to multi-mistakes!

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