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Ne Conflict 5K - New Battle II 5K - Should be good for the year now!

Well fellas I dropped my wife off at the airport today she's gone for a week, and as I pulled out I couldn't help myself but stop by Bass Pro on the way home :wink

She won't have a clue and I really needed 2 more reels and 1 more rod to round out my hardware when there is 4 of us on the boat. I was gonna get another conventional but I figured with the kids and others coming fishing spinning gear would be the best.

I decided to try the conflict even though I am a big fan of the battle. I am not a fan of the spin fisher V however so I was a little hesitant to pay the extra 30 for the conflict but it just looks ****. On top of that the foam handle looks like it will be good for the grouper.

Was able to get about 275 yards of 40# power pro on each one.

Figured I would share with you guys since I didn't have anyone else to share my excitement with :grin

Plus they had the sabikis I like on sale for 1.49 so I snagged about 30 of those :spin




I feel so naughty!!!! :Rockon


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