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Fin Nor Lethal 60/80 for jigging/grouper fishing?

pjstevkopjstevko Posts: 513 Officer
I was just wondering if anyone was using a Lethal 60/80 for offshore, jigging or grouper fishing and how its holding up?

I'm looking into getting a new spinner for occasional (3-4 times a year, 4-8 hours/day) offshore, partyboat, jigging and/or grouper digging......I know Alan Hawk recommends the 100 for this purpose but it just seems way to big to jig with all day....

I'd love to get a new Shimano Spheros SW 6000/8000 but since it'll only get used a few times a year I'm trying to keep my upfront costs down.

The reel will be spooled with 50lb braid, paired with a Shimano jigging rod and I'll be fishing jigs/bucktails in the 3-6oz range....

Would a Lethal 60/80 hold up ok to the above described fishing?????

Thanks for any and all input



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