40 Miles off shore Fly fishing TOPWATER

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So I had a friend contact me from New Mexico, he designs fly reels. He is launching the first saltwater reel and wanted to test it out. How can I for sure put him on fish? Offshore or Inshore? Inshore we can have luck if we run into a school of redfish, or we could go all day and bust. Offshore, I know a guy. Who knows the water well. Actually he knows the water so well, that everytime I go fishing with him we catch at least 20 fish each. I bet if we went offshore We could put them on some amber jack on the fly rod, surely those fish would put his new reel through the gauntlet. So I call Mike From Release offshore gear. I explain to him, he we want to shoot a promo video for a new reel, interested? OF course! Big Fish, Topwater Explosions, why wouldn't I be? So great plan is set, Mathew from Taylor Reels and his crew will be going 40 miles offshore of the clearwater area. Now the weather, one day it will be 20mph next day it's not, it juggled back and forth, finally Fishing day came. We had 6-10mph not perfect but not as horrible as 15 to 20mph. So we head out. As soon as we got to the spots we had around 30 Amber jack all around us. With a little chumming and throwing a chugger with a spinning rod we had the fish in a frenzy. BAM Hook ups, doubles, triples, you name it. All fish were over 30 pounds some in the mid 40's on a fly rod, we even chummed the American red snapper up enough to catch those on the fly rods as well, by vertically jigging massive clousers. The gag grouper was insane we had nearly 15 that were all huge (Those of course were live bait on the bottom) at the very end of the day as sunset hit one ofo ur guys was hooked up, it did not fight like the others that day, it spooled 500 yrds off the reel and jumped and thrashed. It was a nice 100 plus pound spinner shark.

All in all a ton of bucket list items were checked off the list. Fun Day with Release Offshore Gear & Taylor Reels.

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