PBI 6/19 Neeter Zillas

Took my missus out for a spin around the block.... Was looking to target some smaller bonitos to bring north with me later this week for mako fishing and hoped to pick up some dolphin as a side treat. We slid to where the bonitos should live and in no time I had what I wanted to go north with. Its when we pulled out of there that the ocean opened up and unloaded zilla class neets on us!
About 160 feet it went off... I mean ocean foaming spray flying stuff a few acres around... I was hoping to see some tuna mixed in but as our 5 bait spread disappeared all that came back on the hooks was monster squiggle backs. I don't get where they get the strength they have. I fish a lot up north for yellowfins and see plenty three times as big as what we were catching not have half the muscle.
So no, its not a grand tale of full boxes of meat or riggers sagging under the weight of flags. It is however a story of a fishery for something that at least pulls back that we often over look or take for granted... :)


  • SpineymanSpineyman Destin, FlPosts: 8,161 Admiral
    Fun to catch and make killer bait.
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  • roweryborowerybo Posts: 2,091 Officer
    While they can be a nuissance, they provide something to catch when things are slow. I'd rather catch something than nothing.
  • e-moneye-money Posts: 4,258 Captain
    Say it ain't so. Monster Squiggle backs Rule !! I call em "false albacore" for my out of town guests. Funny they are quite proud to catch a "false albacore", until someone calls it "another **** bonita". perspective, perspective
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  • dale4fishindale4fishin Posts: 188 Officer
    e-money wrote: »
    I call em "false albacore" for my out of town guests. Funny they are quite proud to catch a "false albacore", until someone calls it "another **** bonita". perspective, perspective
    lol i like that i'm gonna use that lol
  • JagerschnappsJagerschnapps Posts: 102 Officer
    We run into them quite often while offshore kayak fishing. I agree they are better then nothing, and a lot of fun until after the third one! I pulled up three Sat that were all 28''-30'' but much fater then then they were in previous months. Its a work out when your dropping seven ounce jigs and fighting a fish without the leverage of standing on a boat. But they do tend to go from "I got a bonnie" to "another **** Bonita!"lol
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  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Its funny how they are disrespected here. Other places people come from far and wide to target them. Yeah they have a ton of names. Ip north false albacore seems to get the respect. Squiggle back I see mentioned, I use that one on my boat from time to time. During mako tournaments though they become my "chum guard".
    Often makos have been raiding schools of bluefish during the night and are stuffed come early morn. They'll come playin in the slick, nudgin balloons or pushin bluefish baits around. We run one of em close to our chum bucket. Seems to me that something lights em up though when they see the squiggle pattern. They associate it with fast moving prey and when they see it we often get explosive strikes. They will race in knocking off the tail. A couple quick circles then they come in and start to eat what they just "killed" or "disabled"...
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