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In the cold weather I have been fooling around with watercolors again and am looking for some new inspiration. I plan to donate any pictures I paint to Bonefish and Tarpon Trust to use in their banquets for auction. I have given them two and just finished the one below, "Making a Big Splash", which is based on a photo Aaron Adams let me use.

I just do this for fun and receive no money for it. I even frame the pictures at my own cost. If a photo looks like something I can do, and you give me permission to use it to donate, that would be great. I need a relatively higher quality photo to work from so I can see detail, at least two or three megapixels.

Anyway if you have anything that I might use, I'd love to see it. If you message me I can send you my email so you can send me a file. I only work on them when I feel like it. This is just for fun. So if I use one, I can't say when it would be done. I would definitely send you a picture of the painting and give you credit for the inspiration. If I find out anything from the folks at BTT, I'll share that with you.



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