Pineland trout 2/14

I keep my boat at Mullock Creek and when I started to remove the tarp Sat AM there was something on it I thought I left in WI…….ice!

Pulled the boat to Pineland and didn’t launch until 9 and no surprise very few trailers in the lot for a Sat. I wanted to fish the big flat about 3mi due east but the whitecaps from the north forced me to seek shelter. Fished along mangroves and eventually found a quiet pocket where in 15 min pulled a 21.5” trout, 16” trout, 17” red and short mangrove. I took a while to find another pocket but found one where there was a decent drop to 4’ 1 hr short of high tide and pulled 2 more keeper trout and a few short ones. Then only a few ladyfish around nearby crab pots.

The wind let up some so went back to the big flat and just like the other two outings this season, lots of short trout. One other boat fishing the same area with bobber and shrimp catching a few also. Wind picked up again so called it a day.

All the keepers came on soft plastics, Mirro Softminnow in Chartreuse or DOA brown/chart paddle tail. A few shorts on Mirrodine MR17 black/silver/red. Water temp about 62.5 by the end of the day. Sure need a warm up.

Grey Beard




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