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2 Power Poles...Is a trolling motor with "Anchor" an adequate replacement for one PP?

gal218gal218 Posts: 105 Officer
Still finalizing my order with Frank...

Have one 8' Power Pole on the order. Have read some posts where users wished they had ordered 2 from the beginning and ended up adding one later.

My question:
- Do any of you with 1 PP use the Anchor feature on the newer trolling motors as an alternative to a 2nd PP?

- To me it seems like it should work? If not, why not?

- Are there other reasons for the 2 PP's other than holding position relative to the shoreline or a structure?

Thanks, as always....


  • JC_UF_ITKJC_UF_ITK Posts: 496 Deckhand
    I'm on my second boat with twin PPs and I will never go back to having just one. My current boat has an Ipilot and while the anchor mode is nice for deeper water, I use the PPs for stopping the boat in shallow water and for extended periods of time. The Ipilot will adjust the speed to keep you in place, which at times can be loud and spook any fish. Once the PPs are down, you can be quiet and not worry about any spinning. Just my thoughts.
  • HeartNShoalHeartNShoal Posts: 937 Officer
    I have an 8' blade and had a 10' blade on my last boat. I know how great two PP's are but I cannot justify spending $5,000 on this with installation. If I need to hold the bow I put the PP down and use the push pole to stake the front. If money was no object I would probably put two regardless of the extra weight on the transom.

    I also have the iPilot and love it. I use the anchor feature all the time and almost never use a traditional anchor. However I almost never use it in combination with the PowerPole. Often enough when I PowerPole down I am not looking for noise or disturbance in the water from a trolling motor.
  • Egrets LandingEgrets Landing Posts: 949 Officer
    Just stake the front if you need to do that or use your elec . or anchor if conditions dictate. Two PPoles would be more convenient for sure particularly for situations where the bottom is too hard to stake with a pole but I think not worth the cost for most.
  • 91tiger91tiger Posts: 555 Officer
    I have two 8' blades and have both the iPilot and Xi5 that I can interchange. With the iPilot, it does not have the anchoring accuracy to do what you are asking about. It wanders way too much and would drive you crazy. One good gust of wind and the boat would begin pivoting on the single Power Pole before the iPilot realized there was an issue. Suddenly it will kick into a really high speed and over compensate possibly breaking the power pole free or at least dragging the spike through the mud. With the Xi5 being so much more precise it may very well be possible. It's a night and day difference in the anchor mode of those two motors. I still think the Minn Kota is built better though, that's why I kept mine as a backup. I really wish they would go to differential GPS like Motor Guide.

    As far as the two power poles go, I like having two but I'm not sure it's a huge advantage. What I wanted to do with dual Power Poles is to be able to anchor very precisely and not pivot. What I have found is a hard current or hard wind will still swing you down wind or down current even with two poles down. You will hold but not in the direction you intended, which is pretty much what one power pole will do too. But the bottoms around Flamingo tend to be pretty soft, duals may work better in different areas.
  • mbowersmbowers Posts: 496 Deckhand
    Once the single Powerpole is set I use the MinnKota and the Powerpole when then water is fairly deep. Do not set the anchor mode on the MinnKota because it's not that accurate but instead use the Autopilot to set a compass heading that is appropriate to hold you in place and then manually increase the speed until you hold position. If you wish there were 1/4 power settings on the motor thrust just adjust the Autopilot direction a little and balance speed again. You will have to make adjustments as the wind and tide change but you will never suddenly be out of position, it will be a gradual drift and you decide when to make those adjustments, not the motor. I can not quite describe how I pick direction (it's usually something like straight up current) and speed but try it out. You can also use that manual anchoring technique against another pivot point to precision anchor on bridge pilings in water too deep for the PowerPole but that's super advanced trolling motor use and I'm not going to try to describe that in print. Maybe a live demo at some point. It is deadly when swinging a fly for tarpon though.

    For precision anchoring in shallow water, my wacko engineer approach is: one Powerpole and one $100 stick it pin. I have a 12' two piece stick it pin from King Pin that stores in the rod lockers as 2 x 6 foot sections or you can leave it assembled and lashed down next to the push pole. You can just stick pin the boat on the down current side and let the stick pin hold the boat back, you can install a sleeve through the rolled gunnel like East Cape or buy some crazy TM adapter sleeve. I took one look at the push pole foot and immediately had the engineer's solution: use the space between the two arms of the push pole foot to trap the pin. Just need to have a hole in the foot big enough for the stick pin. Since the second pin anchor is all the way at the front of the boat, it takes way less strength in your anchoring substrate (like mud) to hold you in place with out blowing out. Kind of like how two bolts on either end of a hinge might hold, but if you install them right next to each other the bolts will blow out. You can easily get a shorter stick pin but I thought it was nice to have the 12' which gives even more depth range than a 10 foot Powerpole. Here's some pics:


    Here's the stick pin lashed down next to the push pole. Some guy at the Dania flea market sold me that long stick with a white bunch of fibers on one end. He said it would make my boat work much better and all my problems would go away. Can anyone tell me how you use it to keep water out of the gas?

    Here's the push pole foot at the front with stick pin engaged. Apologies for not having a pedicure on my push pole foot before posting, I'm sure it will fail soon under that obvious abuse.

  • gal218gal218 Posts: 105 Officer
    Thanks for everyone's input...some great feedback. I'm saving $2,200 on the engine (Suzuki 140 vs Yamaha 150) and decided to blow most of the savings on a 2nd Power Pole.
  • HeartNShoalHeartNShoal Posts: 937 Officer
    Care to share your build sheet?
  • gal218gal218 Posts: 105 Officer
    Care to share your build sheet?

    Will do...Frank and I expect to finalize Mon/Tues.
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