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Abacos in mid may

Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
Crossing over for the first time to the family's resort on elbow cay. Not looking for any spots by all means just looking for what to expect for that time of year fishing wise and what gear I should bring along as to I have a wide range of fishing tackle just want to maximize our experience and bring the right gear. I know we can yellowtail fish pretty easy and I'll bring some spinners for that but is that time of year good for tuna dolphin wahoo? Or should I stick to bottom fishing and deep dropping for yellow eyes or a mistic? Thanks so much in advance!


  • kalik it or ticketkalik it or ticket Posts: 85 Deckhand
    We caught mucho dolphin in mid-May last time I was threre. From about a mile or two out from Tiloo Cut to thousands of feet. Also caught a few smaller wahoo on jet heads. Closer in (under 2 miles) I caught almaco jack and big 'cudas. Around the cuts we caught some cero macks as well. We saw tuna working bait on top one day but ended up getting all lines crossed and a big mess. The tuna were gone before lines were back in the water. :)

    I think mid-May is the best time to be in the Abacos.
  • FWCSnookFWCSnook Posts: 886 Officer
    Its outstanding. You can catch anything there in May. Whites, blues, dolphin, tuna, and a few wahoo. The deep dropping is outstanding. I've never been disappointed going over there. Elbow is awesome, by the way. Say hi to Gary at the Hopetown Harbour Lodge for me. Seaspray Marina is a great place to chill after a full day of fishing. Grab a beverage of choice and hop in the pool. And rent a golf cart from Junior's.

    If you want specifics, just ask. I know the area pretty well.

    Bring 50w reels for trolling. Keep it simple.
  • Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
    Thanks fwcsnook. Gary is a great family friend of ours! We had the place for 10+ years btw do you work with Fwc? Or just a name?
  • FWCSnookFWCSnook Posts: 886 Officer
    Biologist with FWC. Love the harbour lodge. One year we happened to run into the hooters calendar shoot going on. That was a fun day. And night.
  • Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
    Oh very nice reason for me asking is that I'm an officer in brevard county for Fwc. And was just curious if we worked for the same agency if you ever need anything let me know. Do you work with hector? That man is a fish genius!
  • FWCSnookFWCSnook Posts: 886 Officer
    I work at the field lab in tequesta. I shoot at the sebastian range quite often. I'll PM you soon. Any additional Abacos info, let me know. Used to stay for a week every year at Madiera Breeze on white sound.
  • Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
    Oh ok I know where that is ours is crystal waters just before white sound. Look forward to talking to you
  • Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
    Any suggestions on a map that shows ledges reefs local names of canyons or ledges that kind of thing?
  • b-bliggityb-bliggity Posts: 110 Officer
    Yeah, you can catch just about anything that time of year! You have electric reels? If you have kids, or if you want to go anyways, there is usually no shortage of conch on the inside near the south end of Tiloo in about 15ft or less... Offshore trolling in may, you should probably switch out every so often between different cedar plugs, daisy chains (blue/white islander ones are most productive for me), Rapala Magnum Diver baits (wahoo candy), and some jet heads as someone said before... Blue and white, and purple and black trolling lures seem to work best for me, but...whatever... We have a house in Orchid Bay, on Guana Cay...so, I fish that area regularly.
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  • Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
    Very nice thanks! Do you use a chart to find some good drop offs or ledges or what no or just ride around and use your depth and gps on boat?
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Steve Dodges guide shows a lot of the offshore structures with numbers
  • nuevowavonuevowavo Posts: 6,824 Admin
    The Waterproof Charts Northern Bahamas Bathymetric Fishing Chart is a great resource, with GPS numbers for inshore and offshore fishing and diving spots.
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  • FWCSnookFWCSnook Posts: 886 Officer
    If the conditions are nice, take a day trip out to the mushroom. You won't be disappointed for pelagics. If its windy/choppy, you'll do fine just going out Tiloo and trolling up to Man-O-War. Plenty of fish. If its too rough to get offshore, you can just anchor up inside either north or south Man-o-War cut and chum up some nice muttons, yellowtails, and grouper.
    My typical spread changes based on conditions. If its really calm, I like to pull a little faster to cover ground/find fish with artificials. Black barts are the go-to, but you'll do fine with any decent lures. Rigged on 10' of 150lb fluoro, single stainless 7/0-10/0 Mustad hook. I'll run my biggest closest to the boat, maybe a 12"-16" marlin lure on each corner, short riggers maybe an 8-10" all purpose lure, and on my long riggers, a nice cedar plug on one side and a 6-8" jet head on the other. You can pull this spread up to 10kts or so. I like this when its rough as well for a couple of reasons. You won't have to worry about washed out baits and changing them out, for safety and convenience. If you miss a bite, you can either tease the fish back, or put it back in the rigger quickly. If it is rough, your speed can change quickly upsea/downsea. The lures will pull better and stay in the water. When you do catch a fish, you can rip the hook out, and toss the lure back in the water. During a hot bite, this is very nice. One year, I challenged my friend (boat owner who liked to pull ballys), to a contest. I took one side of the spread, and he took the other. I was using lures, he was using ballys (i rigged them all, since I was faster and better at it than he was). I outfished him 3-1. I think I ended up boxing 12 dolphin up to 40lbs, while he managed 4. They would knock the lure down, and I would just reel it away from them until they piled on it if they weren't hooked instantly.
    If conditions are choppy but not to the point of being uncomfortable, ballys will probably outfish lures due to the fact that the trolling speed will be perfect for natural bait. The lures just won't have enough action to be effective.
    The deep dropping is fine out front of Hopetown, but I have found it to be better down by Cherokee Sound. I do know of a wreckfish spot off the lighthouse, but I've been sworn to secrecy as it is not mine.
    If you want to meet up anytime and talk about fishing over there, feel free to PM me.
  • Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
    Awesome! Really appreciate all your time and efforts! I'm gunna bring an arsenal of lures and dead baits. I rig my on split tails and have a good supply of them. I plan on bringing about 100#s of chunked pogies for YFT and bottom baits. BAlly's and plenty of terminal tackle. I pull mostly Islanders I know guys who just pull BB. But I would cry if I lost a $60-$90 lure to a wahoo or worst a shark or cuda.. If you ever need anything or wann fish out of port Canaveral gimme a shout and we'll get after it either cobia or whatever.

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